From age 2 to junior school

Open-plan daycare centre

Opening hours

The open-plan daycare centre (EVE) accepts children from age 2 (as of 31 July) until they start junior school.

2 options are offered :

  • The open-plan daycare centre mornings from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm from Monday to Friday which has 10 places.
  • The open-plan daycare centre full day from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm with lunch-nap-workshop from Monday to Friday which has 15 places.

Children attend on a regular basis.
The parent can work out an individual timetable in line with his needs, mixing the 2 childcare options and subject to our availability.

Supervision of children

The children are actually supervised by two lead educators, three qualified educators who work alternately, three socio-educational assistants and an apprentice socio-educational assistant.

A student on placement from a University of Teacher Education may also be present at certain times.

Educational concept

The centre takes an open approach to education. From age 2 (as of 31 July) until they start junior school, children experience a wealth of discovery and interaction.

In order to meet everyone’s needs, workshops are offered on a rotating basis and are designed with the children’s age, aspirations and development in mind. These experiences foster mutual and shared learning and build values of respect and solidarity.

This open approach also favours keeping siblings together. Toddlers are sometimes brought in from the nursery to meet and share a space with the older children.

Placing young children in daycare must first and foremost be in keeping with the aims of preschool education:

  • To help the child develop positive self-awareness;
  • To promote the child’s overall development as an individual;
  • To allow the child to move from a family environment to a social environment;
  • To make the child gradually more aware of the world around him/her, allowing him/her to interact with it and integrate into it while acknowledging and respecting others;
  • To meet the child’s need for discovery and encourage learning that will enable him/her to become ever more independent;
  • To empower the child in ways that will encourage future learning.

The aims of the open-plan daycare centre are as follows:

  • To provide young children with a safe and warm environment conducive to a positive and progressive separation from their parents;
  • To promote their social development and entry into a different social group from the one previously known;
  • To offer them a place of awakening, adapted to their needs, interests and development;
  • To interact with them and support them in their discoveries and explorations and the acquisition of new skills;
  • To arouse their curiosity and develop their creativity;
  • To encourage them to make friends and support them in confrontations with their peers;
  • To prepare children for future schooling by promoting their independence and learning through various activities, so that everyone can find enjoyment and enrichment from a wide range of discoveries and stimuli, while respecting the fact that each child develops at his/her own pace.