From age 1 to 2

Toddler’ s nursery

Opening hours

The toddlers’ nursery welcomes children from age 1 (as of 31 July) to 2 and provides nine places per half-day.

Children attend the nursery on a regular basis for up to three mornings a week from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm Monday to Friday. From age 2, if your child is well suited to the group, he may attend for four mornings a week, depending on the number of places available.

The children are looked after by a lead educator and a socio-educational assistant. An apprentice socio-educational assistant may also be present at certain times.

Educational concept

Placing young children in daycare must first and foremost be in keeping with the aims of preschool education:

  • To help the child develop positive self-awareness;
  • To promote the child’s overall development as an individual;
  • To allow the child to move from a family environment to a social environment;
  • To make the child gradually more aware of the world around him/her, allowing him/her to interact with it and integrate into it while acknowledging and respecting others;
  • To meet the child’s need for discovery and encourage learning that will enable him/her to become more independent and facilitate future learning.

Aims of the toddler’s nursery :

  • To offer the smallest children, in a space designed and arranged for them, a comfortable environment in which to begin their social and emotional development that caters to their needs and interests;
  • To create a safe space where children can experience being separated from their parents for the first time in a positive way;
  • To interact with them, support them in their experimentation, in making friends and in confrontations with their peers;
  • To expand their horizons through a wide range of teaching methods that stimulate all the senses while respecting the fact that each child develops at his/her own pace;
  • To build a relationship with parents that is based on trust and encourages sharing and communication.